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Totem First Name Last Name Gender Home Town State Country Nationality Event Age Division Status Time Note Number of 508 Finishes HOF
Armadillo George Thomas M   Texas USA USA 1993 Furnace Creek 508 30 Four Man FIN 25:28:55 3
OrCa George Thomas M     USA USA 1998 Furnace Creek 508 35 Tandem Men DNF   3
Oriole George Thomas M     USA USA 1996 Furnace Creek 508 33 Tandem Men DNF   3
Racer George Thomas M Hood River Oregon USA USA 2010 Furnace Creek 508 47 Four Man DNF   3
Timber Tiger George Thomas M Hood River Oregon USA USA 2007 Furnace Creek 508 44 Two Man FIN 30:12:24 3
Timber Wolf George Thomas M     USA USA 1994 Furnace Creek 508 31 Solo FIN 31:53:15 2: one solo, one team 3