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2015 Silver State 508 - Search Results (64 Found)

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Place Totem AC ID Name Group Category M/FTS #8
510.49 mi
Age Age Group City State Country Nationality Veteran
1Hoopoe926Seana Hogan1SoloF33:41:405650+Valley SpringsCalifornia USAUSAYes
2Chocolate Lab2898Kelsey Regan1Solo RandonneurF46:20:552420+AmesIowa USAUSANo
 TasNEDian Devil2896Neridah Lock1SoloFDNF4140+SGP SGPAUSNo
 Crazy Legs Crane2889Jaime Skylar Watts1SoloFDNF4740+ClaremoreOklahoma USAUSANo
 Purple People Eater2897Donna Braswell1SoloFDNF5150+BoiseIdaho USAUSANo
 Feisty Fox2890Shangrila Rendon1SoloFDNF3330+PasadenaCalifornia USAPHLNo
1Muskrat1001Rob Morlock1SoloM31:27:305150+DanburyConnecticut USAUSAYes
2Chartreux768Jean-Marc Velez1SoloM31:59:445350+Le Chesnay FRAFRAYes
3Spotted Dog2680Ray Brown1SoloM32:11:205850+RoswellGeorgia USAUSAYes
4Holstein115David Haase1Solo RandonneurM32:43:364740+Fond du LacWisconsin USAUSAYes
5British Bee2886Jonathan Spencer-Jones1SoloM34:29:385250+Marlow GBRGBRNo
6Rednecked Falcon2442David Farey1Solo Randonneur Fixed GearM37:05:264340+RiversideCalifornia USAUSAYes
7Sonora Roadrunner2895Mark Mandel1SoloM37:50:405850+Green ValleyArizona USAUSANo
8Maned Wolf2891Frederico Santos1SoloM38:47:373730+Rio De Janeiro BRABRANo
9Escape Goat1834Joshua Talley1Solo RandonneurM39:07:084340+Santa MonicaCalifornia USAUSAYes
10Gorilla2899Joe Pixley1Solo RecumbentM40:16:305250+SpringfieldVirginia USAUSANo
11Wiener Dog84Danny Westergaard1Solo RandonneurM43:08:005650+Palos Verdes EstatesCalifornia USAUSAYes
11Frisky Camel2141Shai Shprung1Solo Randonneur Fixed GearM43:08:004840+EncinoCalifornia USAISRYes
11Dharma Dog2430Luis Bernhardt1Solo Randonneur Fixed GearM43:08:006460+BurnabyBritish Columbia CANCANYes
14Pink Panther2893Richard Dones1SoloM45:06:054240+CerritosCalifornia USAPHLNo
15Pink Fairy Armadillo2671Paul Tourkin1Solo RandonneurM46:16:555250+San DiegoCalifornia USAUSAYes
16Belgian Draft Horse2885James Jason Ingels1SoloM46:40:374140+OrlandoFlorida USAUSANo
17Roadkill2672Matthew Frederick1Solo RandonneurM46:54:094640+San FranciscoCalifornia USAUSANo
18Chase-adon 11861Anthony Boyd1SoloM49:14:005250+RedlandsCalifornia USAUSAYes
18Chase-adon 21862Rodney Boyd1SoloM49:14:004940+Laguna BeachCalifornia USAUSAYes
18Chase-adon 32887Glen Plake1SoloM49:14:005150+Silver SpringsNevada USAUSANo
18Chase-adon 42888Zach Thorp1SoloM49:14:004140+RedlandsCalifornia USAUSANo
22Toro2674Joaquin Candel1Solo RandonneurM49:57:504540+HendersonNevada USAESPYes
 Red Kite687Reiner Schubert1SoloM50:00:006560+Ebersbach Fils DEUDEUYes
 Wile E Coyote1760Paul Grimm1Solo RandonneurMDNF4640+FredoniaArizona USAUSAYes
 Grasshopper 21836David Neff1Solo RandonneurMDNF6760+Fair OaksCalifornia USAUSAYes
 Irish Hare1801Mick Walsh1SoloMDNF5250+SeattleWashington USAUSAYes
 Brown Rhino2474Philip Auriemma1SoloMDNF4840+FremontCalifornia USAUSAYes
1Hutton's Vireo2481Lori Hoechlin2Tandem Mixed 34:39:345350+Costa MesaCalifornia USAUSAYes
1Chimera Twins  6Two Man 28:03:21 40+      
2Free Birds  6Two Man 29:15:14 30+      
3Stubborn Bulls  6Two Man 29:29:42 40+      
4Sanguine Octopus  6Two Mixed 29:47:21 30+      
5Blue Frog  6Two Man 30:09:34 50+      
6Great Basin Ichthyosaur  6Two Mixed 30:39:20 40+      
7Clydesdale  6Two Man 31:52:27 60+      
8Mosquitos  6Two Mixed 31:53:13 40+      
9Eland  6Two Mixed 31:59:29 50+      
10Mad Cow  6Two Man 33:11:31 50+      
11Dog Salmon  6Two Mixed 33:23:40 50+      
12Hellhound  6Two Mixed 33:43:35 50+      
13Tiger Gecko  6Two Mixed 34:15:41 50+      
14Snowflies  6Two Woman 36:33:33 60+      
15Cao De Agua  6Two Man 36:43:45 50+      
16Snoopy and the Red Baron  6Two Man 37:43:35 30+      
17Capybara  6Two Man 39:15:00 40+      
18Coconut Crab  6Two Mixed 40:01:20 40+      
19Dragon Bear  6Two Man Recumbent 40:21:12 40+      
20Felinas  6Two Woman 44:23:43 40+      
21Chase-adon  6Two Man Recumbent (alt start) 49:14:00 40+      
 Tenacious Turtle  6Two Mixed DNF 40+      
1Nervous Tick  8Four Man 28:31:16 40+      
2Racing Roosters  8Four Man 29:57:43 50+      
3Western Wood Pewee  8Four Man 31:17:17 40+      
4Radioactive Cockroach  8Four Man 32:15:21 30+      
5Nor-Cal Hellcats  8Four Man 33:43:35 40+      
6Whistle Pig  8Four Man Fixed Gear 35:04:13 40+      
7Spike the Wonder Dog  8Four Mixed 35:31:16 50+      
8White Owl  8Four Man 38:37:20 50+