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2009 Furnace Creek 508 - Search Results (98 Found)

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Place Totem AC ID Name Group Category M/FTS #8
509.58 mi
Age Age Group City State Country Nationality Veteran
1Mighty Mouse1662Leah Goldstein1SoloF35:01:504040+VancouverBritish Columbia CANCANNo
 Black Panther194Donna Nice1SoloFDNF4140+San JoseCalifornia USAUSAYes
 Sooty Shearwater1668Jennifer Scharf1SoloFDNF2620+HendersonNevada USAUSANo
 Bobolink203Bobbi Fisher1SoloFDNF6160+Chengdu CHNUSAYes
 Butterfly833Andi Ramer1SoloFDNF3630+San DiegoCalifornia USAUSAYes
 Aye-Aye86Deanna Adams1Solo Fixed GearFDNF2120+PrescottArizona USAUSAYes
 Betta Fish1651Mary Betts1SoloFDNF5150+SurreyBritish Columbia CANCANNo
1RAM786Chris Ragsdale1SoloM29:10:313230+SeattleWashington USAUSAYes
2Alpine Ibex85Michael Emde1SoloM29:47:343930+SpokaneWashington USAAUTYes
3American Kestrel1650Brian Ecker1SoloM33:14:063730+BellinghamWashington USAUSANo
4Water Dragon14Charlie Engle1SoloM33:19:254740+GreensboroNorth Carolina USAUSAYes
5Mudcat190David Holt1SoloM34:31:005750+Laguna NiguelCalifornia USAUSAYes
6Wren205Wade Baker1SoloM35:33:405450+AtascaderoCalifornia USAUSAYes
7Rafiki the Baboon785Gregory Robinson1SoloM38:13:304040+Westlake VillageCalifornia USAUSAYes
8Rock Rabbit1665Adam Bickett1SoloM38:16:342620+San DiegoCalifornia USAUSANo
9Merlin125Greg Lester1SoloM39:20:515450+CazaderoCalifornia USAUSAYes
10Desert Locust772Matt Ruscigno1SoloM39:28:553130+Los AngelesCalifornia USAUSAYes
11Pancake Tortoise781Jim Ryan1SoloM39:31:014840+SammamishWashington USAUSAYes
12Gray Wolf1659Ross Rader1SoloM39:41:433830+TorontoOntario CANCANNo
13Flying Eagle1657Scott Gower1SoloM39:53:154540+AtascaderoCalifornia USAUSANo
14Wiener Dog84Danny Westergaard1SoloM39:54:255050+Rolling HillsCalifornia USAUSAYes
15Blue Frog1652Patrice Pellerin1SoloM40:20:455050+LachineQuebec CANCANNo
16Bear87Gary Baierl1SoloM40:24:124240+Lake ForestCalifornia USAUSAYes
17King Cobra21David Goggins1SoloM41:45:583430+San DiegoCalifornia USAUSANo
18Donkey100David A. Jones1SoloM42:12:546360+WinnetkaCalifornia USAUSAYes
19Snoopy828Jon Shellenbarger1SoloM42:16:253730+AnaheimCalifornia USAUSAYes
20Red-Eyed Vireo159George A. Vargas1SoloM42:21:244440+Huntington BeachCalifornia USAUSAYes
21Skink1621Victor Cooper1SoloM42:32:365350+TorranceCalifornia USAUSAYes
22Lhasa Apso1661John Culligan1SoloM43:20:564640+SalinasCalifornia USAUSANo
23Wood Turtle1669Jeff Wong1SoloM43:41:014440+FremontCalifornia USAUSANo
24Horned Lizard1185Nickademus Hollon1SoloM44:06:441910+San DiegoCalifornia USAUSANo
25Rat Snake1664Kenneth Stalter1SoloM44:48:015550+FranklinNew York USAUSANo
26Tarpon795Laurence Kluck1SoloM45:26:226160+EurekaCalifornia USAUSAYes
27Click Beetle1653Thomas Clime1SoloM47:22:274440+GlenwoodMaryland USAUSANo
28Oregon Sasquatch1674Greg Olson1SoloM47:25:146260+GreshamOregon USAUSANo
 Triceratops810Dennis Barton1SoloMDNF5950+OaklandCalifornia USAUSAYes
 Desert Mouse83Erhard Weiss1SoloMDNF5950+SiselenBerne (Bern) CHEDEUYes
 BoneDog167Steve LaChaine1SoloMDNF4240+AtascaderoCalifornia USAUSAYes
 Wolverine156Kevin Walsh1SoloMDNF5250+LancasterCalifornia USAUSAYes
 Great Dane1599Gregory Sherman1SoloMDNF4340+Chula VistaCalifornia USAUSAYes
 Frigate Bird1658Cliff Rigsbee1SoloMDNF5650+HonoluluHawaii USAUSANo
 Frog Dog59Pierre Ostor1SoloMDNF5350+White Bear LakeMinnesota USAFRANo
 Loggerhead Shrike778Robert Treadwell1SoloMDNF4540+BurbankCalifornia USAUSAYes
 Pound Puppy783Vinnie Tortorich1SoloMDNF4740+Beverly HillsCalifornia USAUSAYes
 Trogon147Paul Danhaus1SoloMDNF6060+WausauWisconsin USAUSAYes
 Emily Bear1656Kirk Gentle1SoloMDNF5350+HoustonTexas USAUSANo
 Loon779Scott Dakus1Solo Fixed GearMDNF4540+HendersonNevada USAUSAYes
 Narwhal1663Stéphane Thery1SoloMDNF5450+Bourg la ReineÎle-de-France FRAFRANo
 Desert Coyote1654Kevin Van Dyke1SoloMDNF5450+Forest GroveOregon USAUSANo
 Sockeye Salmon1667John Salmon1SoloMDNF4140+El Dorado HillCalifornia USAUSANo
 Unladen Swallow1670Michael Deitchman1SoloMDNF3330+San JoseCalifornia USAUSANo
 Picachu130Francis-Marlon Ignacio1SoloMDNF4240+DuarteCalifornia USAUSAYes
 Rottweiler112Ralph Jacobson1SoloMDNF4940+Santa ClaritaCalifornia USAUSAYes
 Long-Eared Jerboa1615Willy Nevin1SoloMDNF5050+PacificaCalifornia USAUSAYes
 Skua189Jon Skramstad1SoloMDNF3530+Salt Lake CityUtah USAUSAYes
 Rocky the Squirrel1666Ole Eichhorn1SoloMDNF5050+Westlake VillageCalifornia USAUSANo
 Bushbuck765Andries Botha1SoloMDNF5750+GrimshawAlberta CANCANYes
 Giant Water Bug163Steve Gray1SoloMDNF4840+HendersonNevada USAUSAYes
 Tigershark1457Tim Jones1SoloMDNF5250+FairfieldCalifornia USAUSAYes
1Ratel  6Two Man 33:06:50 50+      
2Godwit  6Two Mixed 33:13:53 30+      
3Colossal Squid  6Two Mixed 33:22:29 20+      
4Outback Wombat  6Two Man 34:11:31 40+      
5Golden Gyrfalcon  6Two Mixed Classic 36:23:34 40+      
6Ichthyosaurus  6Two Man 36:50:47 40+      
7Missing Lynx  6Two Man Fixed Gear 37:48:40 40+      
8Sandhill Cranes  6Two Mixed 39:13:41 60+      
9Teal  6Two Mixed 40:02:18 50+      
10Prairie Dog  6Two Mixed 40:46:15 40+      
11Werewolf  6Two Man Recumbent 42:05:57 50+      
12Thrasher  6Two Man 43:49:45 40+      
13Protoceratops  6Two Man Classic 43:53:04 50+      
 Wolfman  6Two Man DNF 50+      
 Black Angus Cow  6Two Man DNF 40+      
 Flying Voles  6Two Man DNF 50+      
 Puca Fairy  6Two Man Recumbent DNF 40+      
 Mahi Mahi  6Two Man DNF 50+      
 Super Tabby  6Two Woman DNF 40+      
 Capybara  6Two Man DNF 40+      
1Scarab  7Two Tandem 31:25:12 40+      
2Mustangs  7Two Tandem Mixed 35:00:02 40+      
3Foo Dogs  7Two Tandem Mixed 38:48:03 50+      
1Bloodhound  8Four Man 28:59:29 30+      
2Zombie Squirrel  8Four Man 29:49:50 40+      
3Hammer Frogs  8Four Woman 32:39:33 40+      
4Rhino Beetles  8Four Man 33:09:35 30+      
5Eastside VELOciraptors  8Four Man 34:17:42 50+      
6Zorilla  8Four Mixed 34:58:11 40+      
7Chinook  8Four Man 37:26:10 40+      
8Clownfish  8Four Man 38:39:11 50+      
9Addax  8Four Man 39:23:18 30+      
10Blue Whale  8Four Man 39:55:16 40+      
11Prairie Falcon  8Four Man 40:11:53 50+      
12Spike the Wonder Dog  8Four Man 40:57:33 50+      
13Western Wood Pewee  8Four Man 41:33:04 60+      
 Desert Whipsnake  8Four Man DNF 30+      
 Woodduck  8Four Man DNF 40+      
1Twocan  9Four Tandem Mixed 34:28:19 40+